Year of Remembrance 1918

The year 2018 marks a hundred years since the Finnish Civil War, which had deep and lasting impacts on Finnish society. The national unification and commitment to democracy that followed the war were critical to Finland’s development.

The Year of Remembrance project commemorating the Finnish Civil War has been set up by the Prime Minister’s Office and looks at an important stage in the history of independent Finland. The project seeks to plan different events in the year of remembrance and to share information about recollections of the events in 1918 in partnership with different actors. The project also seeks to raise the importance of social unification.

The Year of Remembrance 1918 project steering committee is chaired by the State Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office and the General Secretary is responsible for the practical arrangements.

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Contact information

muistovuosi1918 (at)
Prime Minister’s Office switchboard tel. +358 29 516 001
General Secretary Pekka Timonen
Year of Remembrance 1918
pekka.h.timonen (at)


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